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What happens when you get angry?
When you are angry, your body reacts just like it does to stress. Your heart beats
faster to pump increased oxygen, adrenaline, and sugar into your bloodstream. Your
breathing becomes more rapid, your blood pressure rises, and your muscles tense.
Your body is energized for action. In looking for way to release tension you might yell or
shout, slam things, pound your fist.  However, if you do not find a way to release your
tension you risk building up your anger to a level that is dangerous and difficult to

Managing your anger
Everyone experiences anger. The ability to express negative feelings in a constructive
and positive manner is essential to positive physical and mental health. Listed below
are steps you can take to express and handle your anger effectively.
•Recognize your anger
Admit to yourself that you are angry. Know how you when you get angry. What are
•Calm down
The old adage of "take a deep breath and count to ten" really works. Tell yourself that
you can deal with the situation more effectively if you are calm. Decide not to act on the
situation until you have calmed down.
•Use a sounding board
If there is a neutral person you can talk to about why you are angry, it may help you to
determine if you are interpreting the situation accurately.
•Identify your fears
What fear has the source of your anger caused?
•Reappraise the situation. Give yourself a chance to see if the situation that caused
your anger is bad as you first thought.
•Don't avoid the issues: Contact me today to make your appointment.
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