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Chronic Illness
Sometimes people with chronic illness experience more symptoms of depression and
disturbance in mood than is typically judged to be a direct physiological consequence of a
general medical condition.

The emotional impact of having a chronic illness can seem as difficult as the physical illness
itself. It is common for people to feel sad, scared, angry, jealous, or alone. One of the most
difficult things for people to deal with is the feeling that their friends and loved ones don't really
understand what they are going through and, therefore, can't be there to support them.

For those who deal with a chronic illness on a daily basis, developing a relationship with
someone who is supportive, helpful, and understands what they are going through can make all
the difference in the world.  Support groups, individual therapy, couples counseling and family
therapy tend to generate a greater sense of hope, happiness, and peace.

Seeing a therapist is also very helpful for both the one with the chronic illness and their
significant others.  Counseling can be beneficial by reducing stress, allowing the client to give a
“voice” to their illness, expression of anger and develop coping skills.  Therapy is about
establishing a relationship of trust and compassion, not about getting at some sort of deep-
seated "psychological issues".  I strive to help the person living with chronic illness deal with the
reality of their illness and develop techniques for communicating effectively with their doctors,
family, friends and co-workers.  

You are invited and encouraged to make your appointment to consult with me today!
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