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Family Conflict
Everyone has had a conflict with their family at some time or another, but for some
it is more of a lifetime struggle involving much confusion and emotional pain.
The family problem can take many different forms such as:
* battering/physical abuse of one or more family members
* inappropriate sexual behavior/sexual abuse
* emotional abuse
* chemical dependency
* compulsive eating/dieting
* compulsive gambling
* work-a-coholism
People from dysfunctional families can end up in abusive relationships or find themselves unable to
maintain relationships. Other areas in which adult children often report problems include but are not
limited to:
* guessing what normal is
* judging themselves without mercy
* difficulty following projects through from beginning to end
* taking themselves very seriously
* difficulty with intimate relationships
* feeling different from other people
* constantly seeking approval and affirmation
* being either overly responsible or overly irresponsible
* avoiding conflict or aggravating it, but rarely dealing with it
* fear of rejection and abandonment, yet rejecting others
* You’re not responsible for changing or "fixing" the whole family.
* You’re responsible and in control of taking care of yourself and making the changes you want.
* Change is difficult and takes time; be patient with yourself.
* Call me and make your appointment today!
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