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Marriage & Pre-Marital Counseling

I am certified to use a very helpful marriage counseling inventory entitled:Prepare/Enrich.  
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What is the PREPARE/ENRICH Program?

PREPARE/ENRICH is a program based on a set of five inventories that examine major relationship issues
a couple may experience.  These inventories must be administered by a trained PREPARE/ENRICH
Counselor and include 4-6 feedback sessions in which the counselor facilitates discussion between the
couple based on their inventory results.

How many people have taken the PREPARE/ENRICH Program?  Over 2 million couples have taken the
PREPARE/ENRICH Program (4 million people) since it began in 1980.

What are the five different inventories?
* PREPARE - Pre-marital couples
* PREPARE-MC - Pre-marital couples with children
* PREPARE-CC - Cohabiting Couples with or without children
* ENRICH - Married couples with or without children
* MATE - Couples over the age of 50

What are the major goals of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program?  There are six goals of the
PREPARE/ENRICH Program.  In order to achieve these goals there are also six corresponding couple
exercises designed to help couples improve their relationship skills.  

The six goals are:
1. To explore Relationship Strengths and Growth Areas
2. To learn Assertiveness and Active Listening Skills
3. To learn how to resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model
4. To help the couple discuss their Family-of-Origin
5. To help the couple with financial planning and budgeting
6. To focus on personal, couple and family goals
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