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Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual Counseling focuses on the spiritual dimensions of your life and your daily struggles.  It
can include your thoughts, relationships and feelings, but more specifically the meaning you
make between these connections and your life experiences.  Meaning can be reflected in one’s
thoughts, but also in one’s values and behaviors – in one’s Spirituality.

Human beings seem to have the need to differentiate between formal cognitions and the beliefs
and values that are lived out in one’s daily lives.  Spirituality has an inner and outer component
or quality, how we relate to ourselves, others, and the universe in which we live.  Spiritual
Counseling seeks to integrate these components or qualities into the “wholeness” in which one
is created on daily basis.  Spiritual Counseling is an important element in a holistic approach to
psychological health because the “meaning” or purpose we derive from our difficulties often is a
crucial element in reinforcing or releasing us from our struggles.

Spiritual Counseling does
NOT require an involvement in a religious tradition, but at the same
time it doesn't exclude one’s faith.  Spiritual Counseling focuses on integration of Mind, Body &
Spirit, so that one might live life fully.  Spiritual Counseling then is a process of exploring one’s
past, living in the moment and considering the future.  

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