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Consultation & Staff Development
  • I can help you and your staff members solve organizational problems, overcome interpersonal     
    difficulties, and plan staff development programs.  I am available to present staff development trainings
    on a variety of topics as requested.  Some examples of these programs are:   

  • Basic Counseling/Peer Counseling Skills: It is known that basic skills such as; awareness, listening,
    problem-solving, assist people in developing healthy relationships.  Assistance is available in developing
    these types of skills so that your staff can have a good working relationship.

  • Dealing with Difficult People:  When under stress, people sometimes react with strong emotions or
    unpredictable behavior.  It is difficult for most people to know how to react to those under stress.  I can
    assist you with the identification of common patterns of stress-related behavior and how such situations
    can be dealt with effectively.  Appropriate responses such as assertiveness, problem-solving, limit-
    setting, and gaining support will be presented.

  • Personal Wellness:  A balanced and healthy lifestyle is something is something worth striving for.
    However, many pressures and stresses sometimes interfere with our sense of balance and wellness.  
    Strategies for achieving and maintaining personal goals related to intellectual, emotional, physical,
    social, spiritual, and occupational wellness would be developed for the wellbeing of all involved.

  • Crisis/Conflict Consultation: There may be times when you need support in a crisis.  I can assist you
    and anyone involved who may be feeling stressed, sad, or worried.

  • Stress Management:  Stress is an unavoidable part of life.   Different strategies will examined and used
    to decrease stress and help participants choose ways to better manage the stress in each person's

  • Time Management:  Time is finite but the demands on one's time often seem infinite.  Learning to
    balance work, family, social life and other demands is necessary for academic success.  I will assist
    you in exploring effective time management strategies.

  • Creating Success through Wellness:  People can create balance and success through learning and
    setting personal goals related to six areas of wellness: (1) social, (2) occupational, (3) emotional, (4)
    intellectual, (5) physical, and (6) spiritual wellness.

  • Understanding your Family:  Family Systems continue to have an impact on us throughout our life.  I
    can offer assistance in exploring common patterns of family dynamics and how these patterns impact
    us throughout life.

  • Understanding your Personality:  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), can be a helpful tool for
    people to identify their own personal strengths and discover ways to use these unique talents as an
    advantage in both their work place and personal life.

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